Take a look at our full range of protein purification and molecular biology services.  Whether you're interested protein purification, isolating a specific cDNA or removing endotoxins mtibio has you covered!


Why Choose Us?

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At mtibio, our driving mission is to deliver protein reagents of superior quality that enable our clients to exceed their research goals. Serving a wide range of customers including clients in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research as well as academia, we meet your goals with responsive and personalized service while maintaining globally competitive pricing.

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Our Services

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We take protein production seriously and offer a wide range of methodologies to meet your research needs. But that's not where we stop. Beyond our fully customizable purification services, which go above and beyond industry standard offerings, mtibio offers a host of related services including gene synthesis, low-endotoxin DNA production, and protein expression across multiple platforms. 

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Custom Solutions

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The best science tends to result from thinking outside of the box and that type of thinking often requires outside-of-the-box solutions. By developing and delivering these solutions, mtibio has earned a world-class reputation for success with special research services in protein production and related areas. From assay development to cDNA cloning and beyond, find out how to put our experience to work for you.

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