Ultra-low Endotoxin (ULE) Protein Purification Service

If your protein is generated from an endotoxin-free system such as mammalian or insect cells, we’ll purify it for you and keep the endotoxin out. Because endotoxin is widespread and presents an ongoing challenge for biotherapeutics, we have developed proprietary methods to maintain endotoxin-free work flows. From starting materials to the finished product, our endotoxin management systems ensure that not only will your protein be purified but it will not be contaminated with endotoxin introduced during the purification.

When mtibio purifies proteins from mammalian or insect cell expression systems, we start with dedicated ultra-low endotoxin (ULE) equipment and reagents verified to be at less than 0.005 EU/ml.  Those upfront validations go into each of our ULE purifications.  This means that, upon completion, your protein will have the same level of endotoxin as the media used to express it—in virtually all cases, less than 0.005 EU/ml. For information on endotoxin removal from E. coli expressed proteins, please see our ULE Non-Detergent Endotoxin removal service or contact us.